Are you right or left handed?  Do you have free or attached earlobes?  Is your skin light or dark colored?  No matter how you answer, all of these traits are NORMAL.  Mental traits are no different than physical traits in that there are many different types of normal brains.  Some brains are MONOTROPIC and some are POLYTROPIC.  Monotropic brains are able focus intensely on topics of interest for long periods of time and polytropic minds can easily pivot focus from one topic to another as needed, even if the tasks are uninteresting.

The term NEURODIVERSITY was coined by an Australian Sociologist named Judy Singer in the late 1990s.  Neurodiversity refers to non-pathological differences in human minds.  Despite being normal and healthy, sometimes having a unique type of brain can make it difficult to function in a society designed for a different type of mind.

Having an EXECUTIVE FUNCTION COACH who understands and respects the challenges neurodiverse people face in daily life can help you to feel less alone and help you create a plan to accomplish the things you want in life.