“In many intellectual movements, the pioneers are unreconstructed and immoderate; it is left to the next generation to temper and qualify and blend in what is useful from other theories.” -Alfie Kohn


Humans are not perfect, and they often created flawed content.  There are aspects of many of these sources that I do not fully agree with.  Problems with some of these works include: poor use of words, publishers who may be unethically profiting from work, materials that are created by writers who have personal beliefs I do not agree with, overgeneralizations based on personal experiences, and subpoints that are just plain wrong.  However, I am choosing to include each of these sources because I believe that the good parts make these writings worth the read. Additionally, the neurodivergent world is highly diverse and filled with many opinions. Reading literature you do not agree with can sometimes help you develop and refine your own personal beliefs, and nurture your growth.


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How ADHD Ignites Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

Milton’s ‘double empathy problem’: A summary for non-academics

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Pathological avoidance is distinct from autistic avoidance





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